In 1996, begin operations in order to introduce traditional tastes by hand-made production. With the increasing demand and automated machinery technology, our company mechanized its production system. Customer drawn approach and using "iREM" name in domestic market, made a brand in a short time. Initially our company produced "manti" - the minced meat and home made noodles then the traditional Ottoman desserts "Kemalpasa" and "Sekerpare" has put in production as well as traditional Ottoman soup "tarhana" and "yufka" (phyilo) for "baklava" -the Turkish traditional sweet pastry. In the next years the mexican bread, known as Tortilla around the world, was produced in Turkey with the name "Lavalia irem Durum Bread" firstly in domestic market. After getting the appreciation of our customers our company began to export it starting from the European countries. After this we emphasized our innovative company approach to our customers by expanding our dough layers for "baklava" 40 layers per kilogram to 55 layers per kilogram. With domestic and international chain of dealers and widespread network we offer our products at everywhere. Our company exports its 35 percent of "iREM" branded products to Germany. Belgium, France, Austria, Australia, USA, Israel, Iraq, Russia, England markets because of our citizens' preferences at there. Our production systems' compability is alwalys controlled and approved by the supplier firms. The latest technology, we are using in production and with our expert and specialized personnel, we are alwalys in the hygen and sanitation rules.

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